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  • Dead on Arrival 2 – Released on Google Play!
    As promised, the world can now download Dead on Arrival 2 (DOA2) from the Google Play store. Google Download Link: How long can you survive the zombie onslaught? Tear though wave after wave of the...
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  • DOA2 Releases in Australia and New Zealand!
    Dead on Arrival 2 – Just released in Australia and New Zealand. As true blue Aussie spirit from a true blue Aussie developer, we though it very Australian to give our on backyard the very...
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  • 4 Player Co-op ( Video )
    Get your first look at multiplayer action! Dead on Arrival 2 ( DOA2 ) is a top down survival zombie shooter launching for NVIDIA’s SHIELD, iOS & Android devices in 2013. DOA2 takes the zombie...
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  • Dead on Arrival 2 at GDC
    Come and see if you can survive the next generation of mobile gaming at GDC, 2013! Dead on Arrival 2 will be featured at both the NVIDIA and Unity booths. The developers of DOA 2...
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  • Dead on Arrival 2 at CES
    Our next instalment in the Dead on Arrival franchise for mobile devices is being previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show this year! If you’re not familiar with Dead on Arrival yet, now’s your perfect chance....
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